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Warning & Disclaimer

Practising Yoga with Jax can create serious feelings of happiness & contentment which may in turn alter other people's responses to you. This could quite possibly enhance every aspect of your life.

Jax Lysycia is author of Yoga & Pilates for Healthy Living, The Pilates Workpack, 5 Minute Pilates and the best selling, 10 Minute Wake Up Workout. She has been practicing & teaching for 14 years & is a freelance health and fitness journalist & runs her own studio space in London & Essex. She is Director of Dynamic Yoga Pilates UK providing accreditated Pilates & Yoga Teacher Training in Europe .

Jax has studied with some of the worlds best Yoga teachers and her style is heavily inspired by Godfrey Devereux's Dynamic Yoga method. TheYoga is Dynamic Ashtanga in style which suits beginners as well as intermediates.

The basic postures seem more complicated than the more advanced ones but it is from this foundation that the deep intrinsic lines of awareness can shine through from the internal to the external dynamic. Her teaching is highly intuitive using the organic spontaneous impermanent nature of life.

“For me it is about BALANCE, balance between bus'I'ness and s'I'lence and about KEEPING IT REAL. When you create balance in your life, you begin to feel completeness within yourself.”

Yoga is for everyone, regardless of ability, age, sex or religion. The only pre-requisite is ‘being able to breathe'.

Walk lightly and carry a big heart I look forward to teaching you

Om Shanti



Jax is available for workshops, retreats and private corporate events. To contact her team email


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